The Music of the Storm

It was a wild night here in the heart of Wisconsin, although it was much worse up north before the sun went down. Someone was killed by the fury of the storms, a couple dozen more injured, property damaged and scattered over the farm fields — toys tossed by a tantrumming toddler. Two areas getting […]

Ah, spring.

Today’s snow flurries bring back a memory from a few years back. Ah, the paradox that is April. The remnants of last week’s blizzard have left a three-foot high snowbank in my front yard, although the shallower depths have melted away. Still, to sit outside at 6:00 in the evening, gazing upon the snow, in […]

Christmas Fair

Perched on a stool in the textile workers’ booth at the Bethlehem marketplace, Hannah drew more of the soft brown wool from her distaff and fed it to the twirling spindle that dangled beneath her fingers, drawing out the fine thread. A few feet off to her left, seated on a straw bale, her adolescent […]

The Spinster Squad vs. Cupid: A Valentine’s Day Massacre

The Spinster Squad vs. Cupid: A Valentine’s Day Massacre Cornelia Hackenbroich needed a half gallon of milk. Really, she only needed a quart, but the half gallon was less expensive per ounce. As far as that went, a gallon would be cheaper still, but factoring in the reality that it would go sour before it […]

The Silken Strand

I sit at my kitchen breakfast nook. It is the morning following my eldest sister’s death. I have been over to my little brother’s house to break the news to him. He says he’ll be okay, but I know that with him, it will be a delayed reaction. Today is also the 13th anniversary of […]

Thanksgiving for Two

A Baby Boomer, I grew up watching “Father Knows Best” and “Leave It to Beaver.” Children might squabble, but parents were always wise, compassionate, and understanding, although stern when needs be. Through the process of osmosis, those idealistic families filtered through the television screen into the depths of my psyche. They were the standard by […]


Commander’s Private Log 73rd Magesterium, Haakonus, Quartum 8 I, Admah Caphtor, have been assigned the post of commander of the cargo ship, Arkon with a crew of thirty. Our stated purpose is to harvest the resources, particularly dihydrogen monoxide, from a dying world in the Kuiper Belt of the system Corrolis. My first mate is […]


1313 Villa Street. The sign said, “Vicki’s Junque Shoppe…Yesterday’s Trash, Today’s Treasure.” I must have passed that store a dozen times a day…and like all the kids in the neighborhood, gave the malodorous sidewalk vents a wide berth. Oh, not that the display windows didn’t hold their temptations…my ten-year-old self lusted after the millifiore paperweights […]

Catherine Ann

Saturday, October 21, 1916. Casper Flock was concerned. His 21-year old wife Mary had just gone into labor. Together, they had spent the first year-and-a-half of their marriage in a tiny cabin on his father’s property as Casper managed the farm. He had sent word to the main house to send for the doctor, but […]

Clarence Sylvester

My father, Clarence Kexel would have been 111 years old today. No, he didn’t leave me a magic ring. Tuesday, October 19, 1909 In the tiny, unincorporated village of Soperton, Wisconsin (a “suburb” of Wabeno), John and Emma Kexel welcomed the arrival of their seventh child, a son, whom they named Clarence Sylvester. The family […]


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