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Autumn Memories

Nut gathering. My Dad loved the outdoors and planned activities for us no matter what the season until the summer I turned eight. A massive heart attack that year sharply limited his ability to get out and about for the rest of his life. But before that, every autumn he would take us to Sanders […]

Signs of Autumn

Changing leaves…yellows, reds, purples, golds, nature is clothing herself in one last glorious display of beauty before shedding her finery and exposing her filigree of bare, dark branches. Just so, Jesus compared the fleeting glory of the lilies that prospered in the fields of Judea with the glory of Solomon’s embroidered robes. Yet even though […]

Early Morning Musings

This is from a few years ago. I don’t sit out like this nearly enough anymore. This morning I woke early. Too bleary-eyed to see the time, I stumbled to the bathroom and then back to my bedroom. But a strange wakefulness kept me from going to bed. The atmosphere in the house was heavy, […]

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