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Big Water

For the beauty of the earth;For the glory of the skies;For the love that from our birth,Over and around us lies,Lord of all, to Thee I raiseThis my hymn of grateful praise. The hymn needs a line about big water. I have made my annual trip north to meet with the caregivers for my ward […]

Summer Storm

Warmth on her face and sunbeams sneaking between her eyelashes awakened Carla. High summer, but still cool enough at night to leave the windows wide open, the cool breeze brought the roisterous songs of the sparrows, starlings and crows into her bedroom to assault her ears. She had slept through the more melodious strains of […]

Secrets III

Janelle’s second night at the B&B was not as comfortable as her first. Troubling dreams kept waking her. She finally rose when pale January sunlight filtered in through the bay window.  Showered and dressed she booted up her laptop. She felt the same eerie sensation she had experienced in the bar’s restroom. On a hunch, […]

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